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Professor Kim, Yong Woon (김용운)

2018.09.28 09:06

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  • Position: Associate Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-1112 | E6-6, 207 
    Fax: +82-42-350-1110 
    Education: 2002: POSTECH (Ph.D. in Physics)
    1997: POSTECH (M.S. in Physics)
    1995: Seoul National University (B.S. in Nuclear engineering) 
    ResearchField: Statistical Physics Theory 





Theoretical Biophysics
- Microhydrodynamics and swimming of microorganisms
- Protein transports and nuclear pore complexes
Soft Matter Theory
- Ionic solutions and charged soft matter
- Statics and dynamics of polymers and membranes
Nonequilibrium phenomena
- Fluctuation theorems in biomolecules
- Non-adiabatic driving of single molecule





Yong Woon Kim, V. Lobaskin, C. Gutsche, F. Kremer, Philip Pincus, and Roland R. Netz “Nonlinear Response of Grafted Semiflexible Polymers in Shear Flow” Macromolecules (2009)

Yong Woon Kim, Juyeon Y, and P. A. Pincus “Attractions between Like-Charged Surfaces with Dumbbell-Shaped Counterions” Physical Review Letters (2008)

Ajay Gopinathan1 and Yong Woon Kim “Polymer Translocation in Crowded Environments” Physical Review Letters (2007)

Yong Woon Kim and Roland R. Netz1 “Pumping Fluids with Periodically Beating Grafted Elastic Filaments” Physical Review Letters (2006)


Adjunct Professor

  • Further Info
    • Choi, Ki Woon (최기운) Adjunct Professor
    • Tel : +82-42-350-2537    Fax : +82-42-350-2510   
    • 1986: Seoul National Univ. (Ph. D. in Physics) 1983: Seoul National Univ. (M.S. in Physics) 1981: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Physics)
    • - Particle Physics & Cosmology

  • Further Info
    • Lee, Jooyoung (이주영)
    • E-mail :
    •   (
    • 1990: Brown University(Ph. D. in Physics) 1984: Seoul National Univ. (M.S. in Physics) 1982: Seoul National Univ. (B. S. in Physics)
    • Protein Folding; Bioinformatics; Global Optimization