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[Samsung Corning Precision Materials] Job Openings for Ph.D.

[삼성코닝정밀소재] R&D부문 박사채용 모집공고


 ■ Company Overview

Samsung Corning Precision Materials is the No.1 TFT-LCD Substrate Glass maker in the world,

which was established as a joint venture between Samsung and Corning in 1995.

We integrated with “Samsung Corning” in 2007 to enhance its business competitiveness as a

specialized maker of parts and materials for flat panel displays. In addition to advance into more

diverse materials area, we are focusing on Energy Materials, Environmental Materials, Display

Materials and Semiconductor Materials.


■ Application Eligibility

아래의 모집부문에 해당하는 박사학위자 혹은 '13.2 이내 박사학위 취득 예정인

 영어 커뮤니케이션 능력 보유 (시험 종류에 제한 없이 취득점수 혹은 등급 제시)

 군필, 면제 또는 비대상자로 해외여행에 결격사유가 없는


Application Period : 2011.12.28 ~ 1.11


Recruiting Areas and Related Majors :    




기계, 재료, 화공, 화학, 전기, 전자, 물리


- 진동 해석 제어 Vibration analysis and Control

- Thin Glass Grinding (Thin Glass Edge Grinding)

- 설비기술(검사측정S/W 개발 광계측 검사 기술 개발)

Development of Inspection Measurement S/W and Optical Measurement

Techniques / 고온 소재용 Device 개발

- 유동 기류해석 Numerical Flow Analysis / 열유체 모델링 시뮬레이션

(점탄성, 열유동) Thermo-fluid Modeling and Simulation  /

고온공정 Cooling 기류연구 High Temperature Process Cooling and

Flow Analysis / 광학 시뮬레이션 Optical Simulation

- 화학공정 자동화 공정해석

- 이온강화 열강화/ 유리 조성설계 / 표면 화학

- 고온재료 / 유무기 재료 분석 합성

- 플랜트 에너지 효율향상 설계(집진/폐열회수)



- Li-metal Oxide or Electrode syn. / Electrode Coating /

Electrochemistry or Electrode Materials Analysis

- PV related materials (PV Wafer, TCO)

- Crystal growth (HVPE, MOCVD, APCVD) : Thin film & Bulk

GaN, ZnO related Materials & Devices

- Layer Transfer / Wafering / Bonding

- TCO coating & Materials (ITO, IZO, CNT) for Display

Thin Film Materials for Display & electronics (Graphene)

- Inorganic & Surface chemistry / Sintering & Property analysis

Catalysis (CO2 capture, Photo catalysis: TiO2)

- Optics / Surface texturing (Thin film, Etching & Patterning) / AR coating



■ Recruiting Process

  1) Application Submission (12.28 ~ 1.11)

  2) Technical Interview (1)

  3) Final Interview (2)

  4) Medical Examination


■ A Volume of Recruitment



■ Location



■How to Apply

   - Please submit attached Resume form through website(

     And select 경력채용삼성코닝정밀소재의 경력 채용 공고지원서 작성버튼 클릭

      첨부된 지원서 양식으로 제출바라오며,  CV, 전공소개서 기타 추가서류는 첨부파일로 제출 가능함.

      All candidates must submit honest and accurate information. Any false information given will result in

 cancellation of application.

      Once submitted, your documents will not be returned.


■ Contact Us

   - 삼성코닝정밀소재 인사팀 전현진 대리 ( 041-520-2137/2127,