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Physics of ferromagnet/superconductor junctions

2023.02.20 09:13

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날짜 2023-02-20 16:00 
일시 at 16:00 on Feb 20, 2023 
장소 Room 1323, KAIST Natural Sciences Lecture Hall(E6) 
연사 Prof. Takehito Yokoyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 
Tokyo Institute of Technology 소속 Takehito Yokoyama 교수님을 모시고 'Physics of ferromagnet/superconductor junctions' 주제에 대한 세미나를 개최하고자 합니다. 
물리학과 구성원 여러분들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.
1) Time :  at 16:00 on Feb 20, 2023 
2) Venue : Room 1323, KAIST Natural Sciences Lecture Hall(E6) (자연과학동 1323호)  
3) Speaker : Prof. Takehito Yokoyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 
4) Talk Title :  Physics of ferromagnet/superconductor junctions 
5) Abstract
    -  Ferromagnet/superconductor junctions offer an interesting platform to study interplay between ferromagnetism and superconductivity such as emergent odd triplet superconductivity, magnetization dynamics, spin torques and vortices in superconductor junctions[1]. Reviewing this field, in particular superconducting spintronics, I will talk about some of my works on these junctions[2].


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