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나노과학기술대학원 세미나공지 - 박노경 박사(Dept. Biol. & Environ. Eng., Cornell Univ.)


* 일시/장소  : 4월 28일(수) 오전 10시~ , 자연과학동(E6) 이태규세미나실 2124호  




Title : Engineering DNA as both a genetic and a generic material




DNA has remarkable chemical, physical and biological properties. My research focuses on engineering DNA as a polymeric material by taking advantages of these properties of DNA. To realistically use DNA as a generic material, our group has synthesized shaped DNA nanostructures (X-, Y-, T and dendrimer shaped DNA). These shaped DNA nanostructures have been used as building blocks for hydrogel fabrication. The hydrogel entirely made from DNA has been used for protein release, live cell encapsulation and, more importantly, cell-free protein production. In this talk, I will show a few applications of DNA as a generic material, particularly a novel DNA hydrogel that is capable of producing functional proteins without any living cells. This protein-producing gel (termed ‘the P-gel system’ or ‘P-gel’) consists of genes as part of the gel scaffolding. This is the first time that a hydrogel has been used to produce proteins. The efficiency was about 300 times higher than current, solution-based systems. In terms of volumetric yield, the P-gel produced up to 5 mg/ml of functional proteins. The mechanisms behind the high efficiency and yield include improved gene stability, higher local concentration and a faster enzyme turnover rate due to a closer proximity of genes. I have tested more than 20 different P-gels and have successfully produced most proteins including membrane and toxic proteins, demonstrating that the P-gel system can serve as a general protein production technology.



나노과학기술대학원 책임교수 신중훈 배상.