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물리학과 2009-09-23 10:02:37
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2009 KAIST English Speech Contest


To shape up KAIST students as future leaders of global economy, we’ll hold English Speech Contest as follows.

Participants :  KAIST grad and undergrad students( Except the member of Daedeok Toastmasters club).

Medium of Speaking: English


Theme of Speech:

There is no specific theme for the speech. The speech can be entertaining, motivating, inspirational or informative. Contestants should refrain from making technical speeches.


Speech Timing: 5-7 minutes. Any speech less than 4.30 minutes and more than 7.30 minutes would be disqualified.


Time schedule





Speech Workshop

Sep. 25 , 19:00-21:00

E11 Building, #101

Welcome all the KAIST students!!

Semi-Final round

Oct.  12, 19:00-22:00

E11 Building, #101

20 better speakers will be selected out of  participants.

Final Contest

Nov. 4, 19:00-22:00

E11 Building, #101



Registration: Sept 15 - Oct 7 (E11, #213,  application form attached)



Winners would be awarded with certificates and cash vouchers.

First Prize: A 500,000 won gift certificate(1 person)

Second Prize: A 300,000 won gift certificate (2 persons)

Third Prize: A 200,000 won gift certificate (3 persons)


Organizing Team: KAIST Education Innovation Team & Daedeok Toastmasters Club

Contact: Shim JaeYoung(tel:2437, email:

For details visit