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Biomedical Optical Lab(PI: 박용근)에서 학부 연구생을 모집합니다.

1. 인원: 1


2. 기간: 2012 9 이후 시작, 방학 포함 최소 2 학기 이상 연구 가능한 학생


3. Requirements:

        - 학부 3학년 이상

        - 1 주일에 평균 10시간 이상 연구에 참여 가능한 학생

        - Optics, Cell Biology(optional), and MatLab


4. 연구내용: 선발된 학생들은 지도교수와 대학원생 or 포스닥 연구원의 지도하에, 각자 개별 연구 프로젝트를 독자적으로 진행

   * 참고: 이전 학부 연구생들 output

                a. 조상연(화학), 김수민(물리), Trends in Biotechnology 저널(IF=9.644) 1-2저자로 표지논문 게재

                b. 장윤훈(물리), URP 2 &  Optics Express 저널에 공동 1저자로 논문 게재

                c. 조상연(화학), Angewente Chemi 저널에 1저자로 논문 투고 & 심사중

                d. 윤혜옥(물리), Biomedical Optics Express 저널에 공동 1저자로 논문 투고 예정       


5. 지원&문의: send your CV to yk.park at no later than 2012/9/14

6. 기타: lab web page  ( 참고


[Recruiting undergraduate research students]

Biomedical Optics Lab (PI: YongKeun Park) is currently recruiting undergraduate research students.

1.            Vacancies: 1 position

2.            Term: Begins from Sept, 2012. Students who are able to conduct research for over 2 semesters including vacations.

3.            Requirements:

                -Junior or senior students

                -More than 10 hours of research per week

                -Optics, Cell Biology (optional), Matlab

4.            Research topic: Recruited students will work on independent research projects under guidance from the principle investigator,

        graduate student or post doc.

                *Note: Works from previous research students

                a.Sangyeon Cho (Chemistry), Sumin Kim (Physics), Trends in Biotechnology (IF=9.644) cover article, 1st and 2nd authors

                b.Yunhoon Jang (Physics), URP Gold Prize & Optics Express, shared 1st author,

                c.Sangyeon Cho (Chemistry), Angewente Chemi, under review, 1st author

                d.HyeOk Yoon(Physics), Biomedical Optics Express, to be submitted, shared 1st author


5.            Applications or Inquiries: yk.park at,   no later than 2012/9/14

6.            Additional Information: Lab homepage(



YongKeun (Paul) Park

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, KAIST

Phone: +82.42.350.2514