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Science PhD Experience Programme 2018
 - Hong Kong Baptist University
 - Department of Biology
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme is the prestigious PhD fellowship programme in Hong Kong. For those who have interest in the PhD positions in Hong Kong, Science PhD Experience Programme 2018 aims to invite potential outstanding applicants of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme to visit our university (Hong Kong Baptist University) and the Department of Biology and to encourage them to apply for the fellowship. The detailed information on the fellowship can be found from the following websites:


2. (about last-year application)


Participants can visit our department during their 4-days stay in Hong Kong between June and August 2018 and the date can be decided by the participants and potential supervisors.


If you are a student who wants to apply for this programme, please contact Dr. Pan-Jun Kim ( to request the Application form.  The deadline of application is 31 May 2018.