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학사과정 영어필수요건 미충족자에 대한 수료증 발급신청 안내
Guidance on Issuance of Certificate for Undergraduate
Students Who Failed to Meet English Requirements



=   아    래   =  


가. 대 상 
    학사과정'98학년도 이후 입학생 중 교과목 130학점 이상 취득자(체육 및 봉사활동
    9AU를 포함한 교과목 이수요건 충족자)로서 영어필수요건 미충족자


나. 수료증 신청 발급 절차
    별첨양식의'수료증 발급 신청서'작성(대상자)-> 지도교수 및 소속 학과(부)장/전공
    책임교수 확인(필요시 해당 단과대학에 확인 가능)(해당학과(부)/전공) ->
    교무처장 승인 및 발급(교무처 학적팀)


다. 신청기간 : 2016. 1. 11(월) ~ 1. 15(금)


라. 발급수수료 : 500원/1매


마. 수료자(수료증 발급자)에 대한 처리
    - 수강신청을 하지 않으며 납입금 및 기성회비를 면제함.
    - 영어필수요건 충족시(재학년한의 미적용) 단과대학 심의 등 소정절차를 거쳐
      졸업일(학사력에 의한)에 학사학위를 수여 함.
    - 교무처(학적팀)에서는 수료증 발급자 명단을 해당 단과대학에 통보하고
      단과대학에서는 이를 졸업사정 등 업무에 참고 함.


첨 부 : 수료증 발급 신청서(소정양식) 1부. 끝.



1. Reference: a. Article 77, Paragraph 1 of the Academic Rules and Regulations
              b. Article 15, Paragraph 3 of the Curriculum Operation Guidelines


2. We are notifying details concerning the issuance of the certificate for
undergraduate students who entered the university after 1998 and obtained 130
credits or more, but failed to meet the English requirements(TOEFL iBT score over 83 points, etc). Please advise on this for the qualified students who want to get the certificate.

                              - Details-

A. Applicability
Students who entered the university after 1998 and obtained more than 130 credits including 9AU in physical education and voluntary service (those who have satisfied the requirements for undergraduate course work), but failed to meet the English requirements.


B. Certificate Issuance Procedure
Fill out the attached Application for Issuance of Certificate (applicant) ->
Confirmation by Advisor and Department Head/ Division Chief (If necessary,
confirmation is available at relevant college.) (Department/Division) -> Approval by Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Issuance (Office of Academic Affairs/ Academic Registrar's Team)


C. Application Period: Jan. 11(Monday) ~ Jul. 15(Friday), 2016


D. Issuance Fee: 500 KRW per copy


E. Process for the Students Who Obtain the Certificate
   - Students do not sign up for courses, they will be exempt from tuition and supporting fees.
   - When the students meet the English requirements, he/she will be able to get bachelor's degree on the graduation date
     (according to academic calendar) after undergoing necessary procedure including review of each college. 
   - The Office of Academic Affairs (Academic Registrar's Team) will notify the list of the students who have received the certificate to the relevant colleges, and the relevant colleges will utilize the results as reference data for graduation evaluations.


Attachment: Application for Issuance of Certificate.  End.