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Guidelines on Selection of 2024 KPF Students from among Enrolled Students

The KAIST Global Leadership Center selects from among the enrolled students of KAIST those who have supremacy and potentials as the KPF (KAIST Presidential Fellowship) students and provides them with various research and training opportunities.

※ According to the regulations, Students on GKS(Global Korea Scholarship) can't apply for this.


 <Benefits to KPF Students>

  ◯ Support of the expense up to KRW 10 million for participation in conferences and training programs as exchange students

  ◯ Support for the KPF network activities, including workshops, and academic

activities, including KPF’s own seminars


<Who should apply>

   Students who have completed 3 or more semesters and 5 or less semesters

     (less than 6 semesters) as of January 2024

   Enrolled undergraduate students who have shown excellent accomplishments in study and research since the entrance to KAIST, and who have a large growth potential to be essential future leaders in the community of science and technology.

  ◯ Enrolled undergraduate students who have shown excellent academic accomplishments inside and outside KAIST

*Including publication of an article in an international journal or winning an award in an international conference.


<Duties of KPF Students>

  ◯ To sincerely participate in the programs for which the expenses, including the living expenses, are supported.

  ◯ To keep the dignity of KPF students by conforming to the KAIST rules and the social norms.

  ◯ The KPF application qualifications are updated at the beginning of each year. Those who violate the duties are subject to reexamination.


<Application Period>

  ◯ Submitting applications: January 3(Wed.) ~ January 12, 2024 (Fri.) 17:00

   ◯ Documents review and Primary selection: January 2024

  ◯ Interview: the end of January 2024

  ◯ Final selection (notification): Feb. 2024


<Required Documents>

  ◯ Application and Professor’s Letter of Recommendation: Prepare in the designated forms (attached) and Apply via the program application board on the Global Leadership website ( ).

    - File name: (student ID number_name).pdf

    - Only letter of recommendation from professors at KAIST are accepted.

      Students are allowed to submit on your behalf, but they must have signatures of the professors.


Attachment: (Only for International Students)Documents for 2024 KPF Application(Student No,Name)