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Dear All KAIST Members, 

Most of the energy consumed in the world today is produced using non-renewable energy sources. The demand for energy is increasing; however, fossil fuel reserves are finite, and carbon dioxide emitted by burning fossil fuels creates serious environmental problems. Under these circumstances, the development of inexhaustible sources of renewable, clean and eco-friendly energy has taken on unprecedented significance.

Among other things, hydrogen has emerged as a promising new energy source as it can be produced from a variety of sources and is available in infinite quantities around the globe. However, it seems that the means of generating hydrogen we can think of, such as water splitting, electrolysis of water, bihydrogen generation and natural gas reforming process, has mostly been tried. Now is the time for us to explore new ways for hydrogen generation.

For this reason, Office of Research Affairs has chosen "New and Non-Conventional Hydrogen Generation Schemes" as the special theme for the High Risk High Return Project (HRHRP) and has decided to support research projects aimed at developing groundbreaking theories and technologies related to hydrogen generation.

If you have any ideas for new and non-conventional hydrogen generation schemes, please fill out the attached form and send it via e-mail to Ms. Youngseon CHANG ( 

We are looking forward to your keen interest and active participation.


Hyun Seung Yang

Dean of Research Affairs