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홍콩과기대 국제 인턴학생모집(International Visiting Internship Students at HKUST(Hong Kong University of Science Technology))



아시아 최고연구대학인 홍콩과기대(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)에서 광학(Optics)에 관심있는 학부 4학년이나 석사 과정의 연구 인턴 을 모집합니다. 인턴은 2 -6개월동안 수업과 연구를 병행하며 기숙사, 생활비, Stipend가 지원이 됩니다.   필요한 서류는 지원서(application), 학과 또는 지도 교수님의 지원서(supporting letter), CV입니다. 자세한 내용은 뒷면의 영문 광고를 참조하십시요. 관심있는 학생은hkpark@ust. hk로 연락해주세요



Hyokeun Park Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Department of Physics and Division of Life Science

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay

Kowloon, Hong Kong


International Visiting Internship Students at HKUST(Hong Kong University of Science Technology)

Proposes:          To support senior undergraduate or master’s students to HKUST to conduct research under supervision of HKUST faculty members, so as to encourage research collaboration and cultural exchange between HKUST and selected partner universities.

Duration:          2 - 6 months

Eligibility:          - senior year undergraduate (Year 3 or 4) or master’s students currently registered at overseas institution;

- Possess a good command of spoken and written English; and

- Possess the capability to engage in research work

Financial support:          HK$9,000 – HK$10,000/month to cover the tuition fee (~HK$1,800 for a 1-credit project course) at HKUST, and subsistence living, including accommodation and other local expenses.

Individual students may approach their potential supervisor at HKUST and liaise with him the possibility of coming to HK as Visiting Internship Student under his supervision. The availability of funding support, in most cases, depends on the host department and/or individual supervisors.


Upon receiving the nominations, HKUST will liaise with relevant Departments and help identify potential supervisors at HKUST. The final decision on admission will rest with individual faculty.


The funding support to Visiting Internship under this Scheme will be allocated on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Applications are invited on a year-round basis until all quotas are satisfactorily filled, providing that a supervisor can be mapped. Please note that it normally takes at least 8 weeks for the Hong Kong Immigration Department to process a visa application. Sufficient time has to be allowed for visiting students to apply for the student visa prior to the commencement of their visiting periods in Hong Kong.

Required Documents

        A copy of the student’s application for admission as a Postgraduate Visiting Internship student

        A copy of supporting letter from the student’s home institution

        A copy of the student’s CV