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Adobe Systems


 Quantitative Research Consultant

WorldQuant is a private institutional investment management complex

consisting of an inter-national team of researchers and technologists

who constantly work toward even greater quantification and automation

in the development of its processes.



Scope of Engagement(include, but not limited to the following):

Weare seeking engineering,science,mathematics and finance majors

forpart-time research consultant position, involving the creation of

computer-based models that seeks to predict the movements of

worldwide financial markets. Candidates need not have prior knowledge of

financial markets, but must have a strong interest in learning about

stock markets and financial markets. Upon joining us, we will provide

a series of quantitative financetraining andseminars to offer you

a chance to learn the fundamentals of quantitative finance and

stock price movement prediction.


We offer outstandinglearning and earning opportunities, which include:

- Performance basedcompensation, for successfully contracted consultant

- Training classes / seminars about quantitativefinance researchand modeling

- Access to our web-based stock simulation system that you can use to

       develop your quantitative financial models

      - Rare opportunity for students in engineering and science to break

       into the financial industry

All interested candidates are invited to attend our company presentations:

Date: Tuesday, October 28

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Room 102 in Creative Learning Building(E11), KAIST



- Hold or working toward a Bachelor’s degree or advanced degreesfrom

 a leading university inengineering, science, mathematics, finance or any other

related field that is highly analytical and quantitative


- Competent in a programming language



- Strong interest in learning about worldwide financial markets



Flexible and online. As a Quantitative Research Consultant, you can use our proprietary web-based simulation platform to experiment with quantitative investment research at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.


How to Apply:

Interested and qualified candidates please register at apply.


For inquiries, please contact us


Please specifyyour current residing country and Websim account in your email.