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[Seminar Title : Dynamic of internal waves in the ocean]


l  Date: 28/10/2009 (October 28th)

l  Time: 1:00pm ~ 2:00pm

l  Venue: OSE Bldg(구 자동차기술대학원) # 309

Dynamic of internal waves in the ocean
Arnaud Goullet,
Research Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Ocean Systems Engineering,
Internal waves are a natural phenomena occurring within a stratified fluid such as the atmosphere or the ocean. These waves can be observed in the ocean from in-situ measurements as well as satellite imaging.
First, we will give an overview on internal waves, from their generation to propagation. We will introduce a recently derived mathematical model for strongly nonlinear internal waves in a two-layer system with flat bottom topography. The numerical scheme for solving the two-dimensional time evolution equations of the interface and velocity fields will be presented. Numerical simulations of the propagation and nonlinear interaction between solitary waves will be shown. Some preliminary results with slowly varying bottom topography will be given as well.

Date, Time and Location:
 - Date: 28/10/2009 (October 28th)
 - Time: 1:00pm ~ 2:00pm
 - Venue: OSE Bldg(구 자동차기술대학원) # 309