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물리학과 2009-05-13 18:12:22
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안녕하세요, 도서관에서 전화 인터뷰 참가자를 모집합니다. 자세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

-           아              래                   -


1. 내용 : SCOPUS - Engineering Village 통합 관련

             (두 개의 데이터베이스에 익숙하신 분이라면 더 좋습니다.)


2. 언어/형식 : 영어/전화


3. 날짜 : 5월 19~24일 사이 (날짜 및 시간 선택 가능)


4. 소요시간: 최대 1시간


5. 참여상품: 아마존 100불 상품권


6. 연락처: T.2227(ext.)







Elsevier publisher looking for researchers to participate a one hour telephone interview.
The User Centered Design team of Elsevier is investigating options to integrate content in the area of engineering, currently offered in Engineering Village, into Scopus. This would mean that content, such as Compendex, Inspec, and books (Referex) would be added to Scopus to make it a more comprehensive product. They would like to receive feedback from researchers on multiple scenarios for searching and displaying this content in Scopus.
Annemieke van Ruiten from Elsevier's UCD team in Amsterdam will be conducting the interviews between Tuesday May 19th and Monday 25th of May. Participants can choose date and time.
Each participant will be compensated for their time with a $100 Amazon gift voucher.
If you would like to join this interview, please contact T.2227(ext.)
*Only post-docs can participate in this interview.