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Tunable electron topology and correlation in few-layer rhombohedral graphene
• 연사(Speaker) : Prof. Long Ju (MIT / Department of Physics)
• 일시(Date/Time) : 2022. 7. 22 (Fri), 4PM 
• 장소(Venue) 
    - Offline :   #1318, W1-1 Bd. 1F              
• Host : Prof. Kang, Kibum 
• Abstract : Graphene has been a model solid state system where novel quantum phenomena emerge from the interplay between symmetry, band topology and reduced dimensionality. In particular, few layer graphene with the rhombohedral stacking order has a unique bandstructure with an electrically tunable bandgap and a valley-dependent Berry phase. These features result in unusual electrical and optical properties, for which optical spectroscopy/microscopy are powerful characterization tools. In this talk, I will first show our experimental demonstration of the topological valley transport at AB/BA stacking domain walls in bilayer graphene. These domain walls are 1D conducting channels that feature the quantum valley Hall edge states. Next, I will present our efforts on probing the orbital magnetism of electrons through studying excitons in bandgap-tuned bilayer graphene. Due to the electron pseudospin and Berry curvature effects, these excitons obey unusual valley-dependent optical selection rules and a large valley g-factor of 20 in magnetic field. Finally, I will show our recent work on probing strong electron correlation in ABC trilayer graphene and its implications for correlation-driven topological phenomena.