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Emeritus Professor Chang, Hong Young (장홍영)

2019.03.07 11:11

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  • Position: Emeritus Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2526 
    Fax: +82-42-350-8190 
    E-mail: hychang(at) 
    Education: 1986: Univ. of Iowa (Ph.D. in Plasma Physics)
    1980: KAIST (M.S. in Applied Physics)
    1977: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Engineering) 
    ResearchField: - Law Temperature Plasma and Tokamak Plasma 



  • 1987~Present:
  Professor at KAIST
  • 1986~1987:
  Research Associate at Lehigh
  • 1980~1983:
  Full time Instructor at Kangwon National Univ.




  • Low temperature plasma physics
  • Plasma Diagnostics
  • Advanced plasma processing
  • Tokamak plasma




  • Low temperature plasma
    - Develop new processed and advance the plasma science knowledge base over the range in pressure from below 1m Torr to above 1 atm.
    - Plasma parameter control
    - Large Area plasma source development
  • Plasma Diagnostics
    - Develop new diagnostics, sensors, and control strategies for plasma processing
    - Langmuir probes and interferometer, LIF(Laser Induced Fluorescence), OES(Optical Emission Spectroscopy), QMS(Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer).
  • Advanced Plasma Processing
    - Low dielectric constant(K 3) materials required as interlayer dielectrics for designing high performance intergrated circuits.
    - To enhance both the knowledge and technology base for plasma induced gas phase and surface chemistry.
    - Understand the influence of plasma parameters on the key material properties.
  • Tokamak Plasma
    - Tokamak edge physics
    - Develop new diagnostics