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Emeritus Professor Kim, Byoung Yoon (김병윤)

2014.12.15 17:02

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  • Position: Emeritus Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2527 
    Fax: +82-42-350-5527 
    E-mail: yoonkim(at) 
    Education: 1985: Stanford University (Ph.D. in Applied Physics)
    1979: KAIST (M.S. in Physics)
    1977: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Physics) 
    ResearchField: - Optics - Optical fiber devices for optical communications and sensors - Fiber-lasers - Optical fiber sensors 


  • 1990-Present:
  KAIST, Associate Professor/Professor
  • 1985~1990:
  Stanford Univ., EE Department, Assistant Professor
  • 1979~1982:
  KIST, Research Scientist


  • Optical fiber devices for optical communications and sensors
  • Fiber-lasers
  • Optical fiber sensors


  • Fiber-optic Device
    This area of research includes advanced fiber optic devices, applicable to optical communication and sensor systems, featuring active devices such as wavelength tunable filters and frequency shifter bases on the acousto-optics effects, and passive devices sush as fiber grating filters, mode filters and directional couplers. Some of them are commercialized by FiberPro, a Korean venture co-located on the campus.
  • Fiber-optic Gyroscopes
    Fiver-optics gyroscopes, capable of measuring very small retation rate, are essential components in inertial navigation and control systems, We are investigating conventional and several new approaches to high accuracy fiber-optic gyroscopes.
  • Fiber Lasers
    Several kinds of novel fiber lasers employing rare-earth deped fibers as gain medium are being studied. Our special interests are in the characteristics. Current and rotation sensors based on fiber lasers are also being studied based on the high sensitivity of the laser to the environmental isturbances.
  • Interferometric Fiber Sensors
    Fiber interferometers can be used to measure extremely fine physical quantities. We are studying fiber interferometers such as white light interferometer capable of measuring absolute distance, and acoustic sensor arrays with multiple sensong elements capable of detecting acoustic waves. The research topics in the laboratory ranges from basic stuies to practical applications.