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Joint Professor Choe, Won Ho (최원호)

2018.03.05 17:00

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  • Position: Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-3727 
    E-mail: wchoe(at) 
    Education: 1996 : Princeton University (Ph.D. in Plasma Physics)
    1987 : Seoul National Univ. (M.A. in Nuclear Engineering)
    1985 : Seoul National Univ. (B.S in Nuclear Engineering) 
    Affiliation: 원자력및양자공학과 
    ResearchField: Plasma Physics 





  • 1997-Present:
  KAIST, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor
  • 1996~1997:
  Princeton Univ., Plasma Physics Laboratory, Associate Research Physicist





  • High Pressure Plasma
  • Tokamak plasma physics
  • Dusty plasma
  • Plasma Propulsion





  • High pressure plasma research
    Plasmas generated at high pressure(including atmospheric pressure)have very different characteristics compared to the low pressure plasmas. This opens up broad application areas of the plasma including surface modification, toxic gas remediation, XUV generation etc. Studies on basic physics understanding and application of the high pressure are being pursued.
  • Fusion plasma research
    Research on KAIST-TOKAMAK, the only small tokamak existing in Korea, aims at developing new tokamak concepts which may be applide for the future larger size tokamaks, R&D of plasma diagonostics for the KSTAR tokamak that is under construction in Korean and training of the professional manpower pertinent to various plasma areas through effective education especially with good experimental skills. Current research topics include tokamak plasma startup and the R&D of the soft x-ray array


    diagnostics for high temperature plasmas.
  • Dusty plasma research
    Dust particles produced in the processing plasmas may cause various deleterious effects including significant yield reduction in the small line-width microelectronic device fabrication. A research is aimed at the study of the dust particle behavior and the control of the particle growth and transport.
  • Plasma propulsion study
    This area of research includes study of the conventional plasma thrusters such as Hall thruster and the feasiblility study of the plasma propulsion using RF ion heating for the next generation manned spacecrafts. Investigations on the efficient plasma source, RF ion heating, and magnetics nozzle are on going.