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Emeritus Professor Moon, Hie Tae (문희태)

2014.12.15 17:29

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  • Position: Emeritus Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2523 
    Fax: +82-42-350-2510 
    Education: 1982: University of Southern California (Ph.D. in Physics)
    1979: University of Southern California (M.S. in Physics)
    1976: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Physics) 
    ResearchField: - Nonlinear Dynamics - Nonequilibrium Physics 

  • 1992~Present:
KAIST Professor
  • 1987~1992:
KAIST, Associate Professor
  • 1986~1987:
KAIST, Assistant Professor
  • 1984~1986:
JILA (Joing Lab. for Laboratory Astrophysics), Research Associate
  • 1982~1984:
Univ. of Colorado, Aerospace Science Dept, Visiting Assistant Professor

  • Stastistical Physics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
  • Turbulence Theory

  • LAB. Info.
    This laboratory is dedicate to a study of fundamental nonlinear phenomena arising in nature Research areas include; Nonequilibrium phenomena[H.T.Moon,"Two-frequency motion to chaos with fractal dimension d>3". Phys. Rev. Lett. 79(3), 4031997)], Solitons, Oscillons, Chaos[H.T. Moon, "Approach to chaos through instabilities", Rev.Mod. Phys. 5(4), 1535(1993)] Chaos Synchronization and Chaos Control, Quantim Chaos, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Turbulence
    This Lab. is also interested in engineering and medical applications of the ideas acquired from the studies. Using the noble concept known as Chaos Synchronization, the possibility of secure communications is under investigation. It is also curently in preparation of setting up a program of joint research with medical doctors nationwide for possible medical applications of the ideas of nonlinear dynamics.