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번호 Date & Time Venue Speaker 제목
공지 2017/09/14 - 12/07  Seminar Room #1323  Prof. 정광용 교수(Gacheon Univ) and etc.  Fall 2017: Physics Seminar Serises
공지 2017/09/04 - 12/04  Seminar Room 1501  Prof. Sangsu Bae(Hanyang Univ.) and etc.  Fall 2017: Physics Colloquium
236       The recent result of XMASS Experiment
235       Exploring the Universe via GWs in the era of multi-messenger astronomy
234       Workshop on Magnetism in Unconventional Superconductors 개최 file
233       KAIST-KIAS Joint Workshop in Theoretical Sciences 개최 file
232       Physics after the lab and the desk: Your work in PRL file
231       “Emergent exotic quasiparticles in quantum spin liquids” file
230       Expedition to the Kitaev Quantum Spin Liquid: Hunting for Majorana fermions file
229       Quantum Resistor-Capacitor Circuit with Majorana Edge States file
228       Unexpected Electron-Pairing in Integer Quantum Hall Effect file
227       Quantum Electronic Transport in Graphene Hybrid Nanostructures file
226       Superconductor-metal-insulator transition in thin Tantalum films file
225       Discovery of New 2D Materials with Diverse Physical Properties
224       Time-resolved ARPES study of Dirac and topological materials
223       An Introduction to Quantum Spin Liquids file
222       Exact Solution for the Interacting Kitaev Chain at Symmetric Point file
221       “Berry phase and nonlinear response: photocurrent in noncentrosymmetric insulators and Weyl semimetals” file
220       Phonon-driven spin-Floquet valleytro-magnetism file
219       Chiral anomaly in disordered Weyl semimetals file
218       “Intertwined Orders in a Heavy-fermion metal” file
217       Quasiparticle Interference and Fourier transform scanning tunneling spectroscopy in WTe2 (Weyl semimetal) file