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Emeritus Professor Kim, Mahn Won (김만원)

2014.12.15 17:41

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  • Position: Emeritus Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2535 
    Fax: +82-42-350-2510 
    Education: 1975: Univ. of California at Santa Barbara (Ph.D. in Physics)
    1972: Univ. of California at Santa Barbara (M.A. in Physics)
    1969: Seoul National Univ. (B.A. in Physics) 
    ResearchField: - Soft Matter Physics 

  • 1996~Present:
KAIST, Professor
  • 1996~Present:
Dept. of Materials, UC. at Santa Barbara, Adjunct Professor
  • 1995~1998:
Exxon, Consultant
  • 1995~Present:
American Physical Society Fellow
  • 1994~Present:
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook, Adjunct Professor
  • 1988:
Princeton Univ., Visiting Faculty
  • 1987:
Center for Advanced Material at Univ. of Cal. at Berkeley, Industrial Fellow
  • 1982~1987:
Biology Dept., Brookhaven National Laboratory, Visiting Scientist
  • 1978~1995:
Exxon Research and Engineering Co., Senior Staff Physicist

  • Soft Matter Physics
  • Macromolecules, Biomaterials
  • Surface/Interface Phenomena
  • Self-associating Systems
  • Phase transition in Complex Fluids

  • Utilization and development of experimental tools for complex systems
    - static/dynamic laser light scattering
    - surface wave spectroscopy
    - Atomic Force Microscopy
    - Langmuir-Blodgett film techniques
    - non linear optical tools, i.e. optical second harmonic generation, etc

  • Applications
    - microemulsion, surcactants application on petrochemical industries
    - drug deliver system
    - nano-patterning of self-associating systems
    - electro-optical applications of functional polymers
    - nano-particle formation
    - applications of biomolecules and biomaterials