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물리학과 2013-01-03 13:33:04
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제 목 : Molecular way of talking: Information flow through calcium-binding proteins

연 사 : Ji Hyun Bak

소 속 : Princeton University

일 시 : 2013115 일 오후 2

장 소 : 자연과학동 세미나실 2502


Efficient information flow is crucial to any life. A ubiquitous mode of biological communication is calcium signaling, which regulates a great variety of vital processes in living systems. Such a signal typically begins with an elementary event, in which calcium ions bind to a protein and consequently induce a change in the protein's structure. Information can only be lost, from what was conveyed through this initial event, as the signal is further transduced through the downstream networks. In this work we analyze and optimize the information flow in the calcium binding process, explicitly calculating the mutual information between the calcium concentration and the states of the protein.