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Emeritus Professor Youm, Do Jun (염도준)

2014.12.15 16:39

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  • Position: Emeritus Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2530 
    Fax: +82-42-350-2510 
    E-mail: djyoum(at) 
    Education: 1986: Univ. of California at San Diego (Ph.D. in Physics)
    1974: Seoul national univ. (B.S in Physics) 
    ResearchField: - High Tc Superconductor Applications 


  • 1990~Present:
  KAIST, Professor
  • 1986~1990:
  KIT Assistant Professor
  • 1974~1977:


  • Development of hight Tc superconductiong current reansmisson media, and study on their properties


  • Lab. Info.
    The fabrication technology of YBCO high Tc superconducting fulms on metallic tapes and their practical applications habe beel studied. The textured crystalline structures, the material and fabrication requirement for thick and long films, favrication technique of various superconducting shape including solenoid, tube, and ring, are incestigated. We analyze the dynamicl coupled behavior of the supercurrent and the magnetic flux using phenomenological theories.
  • Developments and characterizations of high Tc superconducting device
    The aroius TBCO high Tc superconducting devices fabiricated on oxide substrates such as Josephson device, infrared detector, and noise shielder have been developed. Their properties have been measured and analyzed.
  • Numerical simulations
    In order to understand the measured properties of the developed devices, We analyzed using the numerical simulations of the dynamical superconductiong phenomena which are described by the Josephson array model or time dependent Ginzberg-Landau equation.
  • Laboratory High Tc superconductor Laboratory
    Developments and investigations of the verious practical devices and machines comprising superconducting films. Measurements of their properties and analysis using theoritical and numerical simulations.
  • Experimental equipment
    Thermal evaporaton coater, e-beam evaporation coater, sputtering coater, photoemission spectrometer, X-rat diffraction system, cryogenic system, etc