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Professor Lee, Jhinhwan (이진환)

2014.12.15 16:57

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  • Position: Assistant Professor 
    Tel&office No: +82-42-350-2512 
    Fax: +82-42-350-2510 
    E-mail: jhinhwan(at) 
    Education: 2002: Seoul National Univ. (Ph.D. in Physics)
    1995: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Physics) 
    ResearchField: - Scanning Probe Microscopies<br> - Hihg Tc Superconductivity<br> - Strongly Correlated Electron Systems<br> - Nanoscale and Low Dimensional Electron Systems 


  • 2004~2009:
  Cornell University (Postdoctoral & Research Associate)
  • 2002~2004:
  서울대학교 반도체공동연구소 (객원연구원)




  • Spectroscopic Imaging Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with Variable Temperature and Magnetic Field

    I am primarily dedicated to producing high quality SI-STM data in sufficient quantity passing through strategic locations in the (p,T,B) phase diagram of strongly correlated electron systems including cuprate and pnictide superconductors and other interesting 2D electron systems including topological insulators and graphenes.
  • Spectroscopic Imaging Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy

    I am also interested in extending the usefulness of SI-STM to (1) physically interesting nanoscale device geometries and (2) various chemical reactions on liquid/solid interface, which requires integration of novel AFM technology to existing SI-STM technology.

    Selected Publications

  • Cuprate superconductivity

    Nature 466, 347 (2010), “Intra-unit-cell electronic nematicity of the high-Tc copper-oxide pseudogap states”, M. J. Lawler, K. Fujita, Jhinhwan Lee, A. R. Schmidt, Y. Kohsaka, Chung Koo Kim, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida, J. C. Davis, J. P. Sethna & Eun-Ah Kim.

    Science 325, 1099 (2009), “Spectroscopic Fingerprint of Phase-Incoherent Superconductivity in the Cuprate Pseudogap State”, Jhinhwan Lee, K. Fujita, A. R. Schmidt, Chung Koo Kim, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida, J.C. Davis.

    Nature 454, 1072 (2008), “How Cooper pairs vanish approaching the Mott insulator in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ”, Y. Kohsaka, C. Taylor, P. Wahl, A. Schmidt, Jhinhwan Lee, K. Fujita, J. W. Alldredge, K. McElroy, Jinho Lee, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida, D.-H. Lee, J. C. Davis.
  • Physics of nanotube

    Nature 415, 1005 (2002), "Bandgap modulation of carbon nanotubes by encapsulated metallofullerenes," Jhinhwan Lee, H.J. Kim, G. Kim, Y.-W. Son, J. Ihm, S.J. Kahng, H. Kato, Z.W. Wang, T. Okazaki, H. Shinohara, and Young Kuk.

    Physical Review Letters 93, 166403 (2004), "Direct imaging of Luttinger liquid in carbon nanotube", Jhinhwan Lee, S. Eggert, H. Kim, S.J. Kahng, H. Shinohara, and Y. Kuk.

  • Instrumentation for low-temperature scanning probe microscopy

    Review of Scientific Instruments 76, 093701 (2005), "Versatile Low-temperature Atomic Force Microscope with in-situ Piezo-motor Controls, CCD Vision and Tip-gated Transport Measurement Capability", Jhinhwan Lee, J. Chae, C.K. Kim, H. Kim, S. Oh, Y. Kuk.