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  Name: Nam, Chang Hee (남창희)
Position: Professor
Telephone: +82-42-350-2534 | +82-42-350-2510 (Fax)
E-mail: chnam55_at_kaist.ac.kr
Homepage: http://cxrc.kaist.ac.kr
Educations: 1988: Princeton Univ. (Ph.d. in Plasma Physics)
1979: KAIST (M.S. in Physics)
1977: Seoul National Univ. (B.S. in Nuclear Engineering)
Research Fields: - Intense field physics

  • 1989~Present:
KAIST, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor
  • 1988~1989:
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Staff Research Physicist
  • 1979~1982:
Pusan National Univ.,Full-time Lecturer

  • Ultra-short high-power laser
  • X-ray laser development
  • Intense field physics

  • LAB. Info.
    With the advancement of new mode-locking technoloty and bradband laser materials, picosecond and femtosecond lasers become popular. In this lab, a 10-fs, Kerr-lens mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser anda 2-ps, additive-pulse mode-locked Nd:YLF laser were developed, One important application of such lasers is a front-end oscillator of a terawatt laser in a small frame.

  • High-Power lasers
    With the combination of the ultra-short laser and chirped-pulse amplification technologies, very high power lasers over 1 TW have been achieved in a university laboratory. In this laboratory, a 20-fs, 2-TW Ti:sapphire laser was constructed, and 2 2-ps, 1-TW Nd:glass laser is being developed.

  • X-ray laser development
    Since the first demonstration of lasing at optical frquncies in 1960's there ha been considerable effort aimed at the extension of lasing into the X-ray spectral region. The advent of table-top terawatt lasers has opened up an opportunity to extend X-ray laser excitation schemes to shorter X-rat wvelengths. The laser pulses of extremely high intensity(>10^16 W/ch^2) can create a favorable conditon for X-rat lasing. Such coherent X-ray sources will play crucial role in such applications as diagnostics of high density plasmas, X-ray lithography, X-ray holography of living cells, and X-ray interferometry.

  • Intense field phsics
    An ultra-short high-intensity laser can generate an electric field stronger than the Coulomb field in an atom. Such a high intensity laser can create new physical envirionments and phenomena, such as optical field ionization, high-harmonic generation, relativistic dynamics under superintense laser field, plasma waveguide, and attosencd pulse genetation. High-harmonic genetation over 100th order is being intensively investigated, and other research topics will be pursued to clarify intense field-matter interactions.

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