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39 The 1st Jung H. Shin Scholarship Ceremony file
38 KAIST to Develop Technology to Control Topological Defects file
37 Plasma, an Excellent Sterilizer to Remove Harmful Bacteria file
36 Prof. Y.H. Cho Named KAST Fellows file
35 Realizing highly efficient quantum dot LEDs with metallic nanostructures at low cost file
34 KAIST Students Invited to the BNL file
33 Distinguished Alumni Awards 2017 by KAIST Alumni Association
32 [New Faculty Member] Prof. Hye-Sung Lee file
31 [New Faculty Member] Prof. Jae-yoon Choi file
30 [Prof. YongKeun Park] Appointed Fellow of OSA file
29 Guidance on 2017 KAIST Ig-Novel Prizes file
28 [이용희 교수] 고등과학원장 부임 file
27 [신임교원] 김갑진 교수 부임 file
26 [신임교원] Fabian Rotermund (이상민)교수 부임 file
25 [신임교원] 김용관 교수 부임 file
24 [New Faculty Member] Prof. Jonghee Yoo file
23 [Prof. Minho Son] New Faculty Member file
22 [Prof. Kee Joo Chang] Published in Nature Physics, Bandgap opening in few-layered monoclinic MoTe2 file
21 [Prof. Yong Hee Lee] Published in Nature Communications, Fast and bright spontaneous emission of Er3+ ions in metallic nanocavity file
20 [Prof. Kee Joo Chang] Published in Advanced Materials, Bandgap Widening of Phase Quilted, 2D MoS2 by Oxidative Intercalation file