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Prof. Myung Joon Han

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology



Distinguished referees

Begun in 2008, these awards recognise a select group of reviewers who have provided exceptionally useful and constructive assessment of articles submitted for publication in the EPL journal.

Each year scientists are selected by the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Office on the basis of the quality, number, and timeliness of their reports.

These reviewers are rewarded by the European Physical Society (EPS) on behalf of EPL for the work carried out over a given year. Awards are presented annually and there is no restriction on a given individual being rewarded in successive or future years.

Co-editors and advisory board members are excluded during the period of their term of duty.

All those selected are offered a certificate of merit and a 3-year free ordinary membership of the EPS.

The Directors and Staff of EPL wish to congratulate and thank all recipients for their dedicated commitment to service both the EPL journal and the physics community.




번호 제목 날짜 조회 수
19 [양찬호교수 연구팀] Nature Nanotechnology 논문 게재, Enhancement of the anisotropic photocurrent in ferroelectric oxides by strain gradients file 2015.09.01 768
18 [박용근교수 연구팀] Optics Express 논문 게재, Label-free identification of individual bacteria using Fourier transform light scattering file 2015.07.30 430
17 [이용희교수] 대한민국 최고과학기술인상 수상 file 2015.07.01 3998
16 [윤춘섭교수] 정년퇴임 기념 강연 file 2015.06.11 719
15 [문은국교수] 신임교원 부임 file 2015.06.05 1737
14 [조용훈교수 연구팀] PNAS 논문게제, 고효율의 단일광자원 소자 대량생산 기술 개발 file 2015.04.28 761
13 [박용근교수 연구팀] Optica 논문 게재, Simultaneous 3-D visualization and position tracking of optically trapped particles using optical diffraction tomography file 2015.04.28 619
» [한명준교수] EPL, 2014 Distinguished referees file 2015.04.24 1156
11 [윤태영교수 연구팀] Science 논문 게재, Spring-loaded unraveling of a single SNARE complex by NSF in one round of ATP turnover file 2015.03.27 1719
10 [서민교교수][박용근교수] 학술상, 창의강의대상 각각 수상 file 2015.03.02 2195
9 [조용훈교수] '이달의 과학기술자상' 1월 수상자 file 2015.03.02 1178
8 [윤태영교수 연구팀] Nature Communications 논문게재, 신개념 DNA 나노구조 형성법 개발 file 2015.03.02 2084
7 [정하웅교수 연구팀] Scientific Reports 논문 게재, The evolution of painting styles file 2014.12.16 1771
6 [김은성교수 연구팀] 초고체 존재 현상 세계 첫 규명 file 2011.01.17 38612
5 [안병현학생] 미래 기초과학 핵심리더 우수 대학원생 선정 file 2011.01.17 47029
4 [윤태영교수] 암,당뇨 연관 표적단백질 시냅토태그민1 기능 규명 file 2010.07.30 44735
3 [정하웅교수] 이달의 과학기술자상 수상 file 2010.07.30 55729
2 [김은성교수] 헬륨의 이력현상과 동적 분산현상 설명 가능 file 2010.07.30 45837
1 [남창희교수] 대한민국학술원상 수상 file 2010.07.30 46909