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[Yannis교수 연구실] Science Program, KUSP

2015.04.02 07:51

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Korea Undergraduate/graduate/H.S. Science Program (KUSP)
CAPP/IBS at KAIST, Summer 2015


CAPP, the Center for Axion and Precision Physics Research, was established at the KAIST campus in Daejeon, by the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) of South Korea in October 2013. Since then, CAPP is building up a strong experimental particle physics group at KAIST specializing in axion dark matter and proton electric dipole moment searches.

The Korea Undergraduate/graduate/H.S. Science Program (KUSP) is a research oriented summer program of CAPP. For the first time, CAPP is offering the opportunity to a limited number of students in physics or related natural science disciplines from all around the world the opportunity to join KUSP for the summer of 2015, July 6 – August 2.


Selected candidates will follow popular lectures during the day and will join in the day-to-day work of the research team at the CAPP Laboratory based on KAIST Campus. Students will find working in a multicultural environment to be an extremely enriching personal experience.


KUSP will be held in Korea, but being an international program, the official language of the program will be English.


1. Date
    July 6 - August 2, 2015 (4 weeks)


2. Target students.
  - Korean university students
  - Non-Korean university students
  - Highly motivated high school students
3. Eligibility
   - Full-time students at the undergraduate or graduate level in physics or related disciplines

     (i.e electric engineering,computer science, mathematics, etc.)
   - Highly motivated, junior or senior high school students who are concentrating in studying physics
   - Have a good command of the English language
4. Application
    Application is only available on–line at the KUSP website:
             Deadline: April 24, 2015
5. Composition of program
   - Official lectures on physics and research topics of CAPP
   - Research activity
   - Lab tours at famous Korean research centers and scientific documentaries
   - Weekend Field trips and events
   - Korean language and Korean culture courses for non-Korean students
   - Oral presentation of report and poster show of research topics carried out during the summer of 2015 at KUSP
6. Benefits for participants

   In order to encourage the research activities of students who are nominated as a participant in KUSP 2015,

   CAPP/IBS will cover almost all of the participation costs at KUSP.
   Please refer to the website for more detail information.
7. Information
   We are happy to answer any of your questions about KUSP 2015. Please contact us!
   KUSP team: 042-350-8168, 042-350-8166











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