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Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Theoretical Particle Physics


The department of physics at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology) invites applications for a tenure-track faculty appointment in theoretical particle physics. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct an outstanding independent research, have strong communication skills, and be an effective teacher in the undergraduate and graduate instructional program of the Physics Department (all lectures in our department are given in English). 


Applications should be submitted via email (applyphysics at to the Faculty Search Committee, and should include 1) a curriculum vitae with a list of publications, 2) a statement of research interests (no more than 5 pages), 3) contact information (name, email, address) of three referees (we may ask you to arrange the recommendation letters in the later stage of selection process, as well as other informations), and 4) your five representative publications in pdf format. Although we prefer email application, if you want to send your application via mail (send it to the address below).


Applications completed by Feb. 28, 2017 will be given full consideration, although the search will continue until the positions are filled. Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any further inquiry, please contact the Faculty Search Committee via applyphysics(at)


Jan. 09. 2017


Chair of the Department of Physics


291 Daehak-rho  Yuseong-gu 

Department of Physics, Natural Science Building, KAIST

Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-701

TEL: +82-42-350-2599, FAX: +82-42-350-2510

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440 학사과정 영어필수요건 미충족자에 대한 수료증 발급 신청 안내(the guidance on issuance of certificate of completion for undergraduates who failed to meet English requirements) 2017.06.28 68
439 2017학년도 가을학기 복학안내 (Academic Reinstatement for the 2017 Fall Semester) file 2017.06.19 107
438 2017학년도 가을학기 각 과정 재입학 신청일정 및 절차안내- Readmission Guideline for Fall 2017 file 2017.05.19 173
437 KAIST 총동문회 동문학술장학재단(석림학술장학재단) 장학생 추천 안내 file 2017.02.21 430
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434 [공지] 2017 봄학기 일반물리Ⅱ 학점인정시험 및 배치고사 / 2017 Spring Semester Course Waiver Exam for General Physics 2 2017.02.09 546
433 [공지] 2017 봄학기 일반물리Ⅰ 학점인정시험 및 배치고사 / 2017 Spring Semester Course Waiver Exam for General Physics 1 file 2017.02.09 1343
432 2017년 2월 학위수여식(2.17) 행사 안내문 -졸업생 공지 사항 포함- 2017.01.23 412
431 임당장학생 추천 안내(학과 접수 마감: 2017.2.13 월요일까지) file 2017.01.18 403
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426 [본원(대전)]2017학년도 봄학기 복학 안내[Main Campus(Daejeon)] Academic Reinstatement for the 2017 Spring Semester 2016.12.23 360
425 국가연구개발과제 참여 석ᆞ박사 졸업예정자 연구노트 제출 안내/Guide for Laboratory Notebook Submission for Master and PhD Students Who Participate in National Research and Development PRT. file 2016.12.13 466
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