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The College of Natural Sciences is pleased to announce call for entries for the 2016' KAIST lg-Nobel Prizes

which are designed to encourage original thought and adventurous research.

Interested students of the College of Natural Sciences are encouraged to apply.


Attachment : Notification and Poster.

                         VRPGP Proposal


4.(통합) 안내문.jpg


번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
공지 Department of Physics, Two Tenure Track Faculty Positions admin 2017.12.01 338
공지 RSS : a web-based service to publish frequencty updated information. admin 2015.10.27 414
24 (학사과정)2016년도 인성장학생 선발 안내(학과 내 접수 마감: 7월 11일(월) 오전 중) file 물리학과 2016.07.01 522
23 2016학년도 가을학기 복학 안내 물리학과 2016.06.20 997
22 2016학년도 가을학기 각 과정 재입학 신청 일정 및 절차 안내/Readmission Guideline for Fall 2016 file 물리학과 2016.05.17 487
21 싱가포르 난양공대(NTU) 주최 ASPIRE 학부연구아카데미(UGRA) 참가 후보자 신청 안내/Recommendation of Students to Participate in ASPIRE Undergraduate Research Academy(UGRA) at Nanyang Technological University(NTU), Singapore' file 물리학과 2016.04.25 8454
20 [본교(대전)] 2016학년도 봄학기 복학 안내/Main Campus(Daejeon)] Academic Reinstatement for the 2016 Spring Semester 물리학과 2015.12.16 569
19 학사과정 영어필수요건 미충족자에 대한 수료증 발급신청 안내(Guidance on Issuance of Certificate for Undergraduate Students Who Failed to Meet English Requirements) file 물리학과 2015.12.16 477
18 2016년 KAIST 창의도전상 추천 안내/Request for Nomination of Candidates for the 2016 KAIST Creativity and Challenge Awards file 물리학과 2015.12.08 491
17 Four Tenure Track Faculty Positions, Department of Physics, KAIST admin 2017.03.10 609
16 Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Theoretical Particle Physics admin 2017.01.10 287
15 Assistant Professor of Physics, Tenure Track Positions Beginning in 2017 admin 2016.09.13 453
» Guidance on College of Natural Sciences Pioneer Research Enterprise for Graduate and Ph.D. Students (2016' KAIST Ig-Nobel Prizes) file 물리학과 2016.03.31 350
13 [Master]Notice on amendment of application period of Credit Recognition for Mutually Recognized Courses/Honor Program 물리학과 2016.03.10 311
12 Korea Undergraduate/Graduate/H.S. Science Program(KUSP) file admin 2016.03.08 321
11 Tenure Track Positions Beginning Fall 2016 admin 2016.03.07 483
10 [학사과정/Undergraduate course]2016 봄학기 일반물리학2 학점인정 시험 안내/ 2016 Spring semester General Physics 2 waiver exam notice 물리학과 2016.02.22 551
9 [학사과정/Undergraduate course]2016 봄학기 일반물리학1 학점인정 시험 및 배치고사 안내/ 2016 Spring semester General Physics 1 waiver exam notice file 물리학과 2016.02.22 1378
8 Tenure Track Faculty Positions in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Optics admin 2015.08.19 467
7 Guidance on College of Natural Sciences-Sponsored Venture Research Programs for MS and PhD Students file admin 2015.05.20 980