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Course Waiver Exam for General Physics I (PH141)


O Who? Mandatory for all freshmen, students applied for the waiver exam

Students except freshmen should get to department office to apply for the waiver exam by 3/2(Mon) at noon.

O Date : March, 2nd(Mon) PM  8:00 ~ 9:30 (just after chemistry exam)

O Place : Creative Learning Bldg. (E11)

Terman Hall , 201, 202, 203, 301, 302, 303, 304, 309, 310, 311, 401, 402, 403

(Identical to General Chemistry, Please check attached file students except freshmen : Terman Hall)

O No fee.

O Subjects : [1]. Mechanics / [2]. Oscillation / Waves [3]. Thermodynamics (general physics level)


How to get the credit for General Physics 1 (PH141)

  O Please mark a circle next to your name on the first page of your answer paper if you request credit.


Criteria and other notices. 

O The results of exam will be posted within a week on the webpage. 

If you request to get credit (you mark the circle):


- For students who passed exam, grade from B- to A+ will be given based on your score.   

- Students who request course waiver may get credit for PH141 if you pass the exam.

  (Drop the waived course and add other courses in Add/Drop Period ).

If (1) you failed wavier exam or (2) you don’t desire to take it

, You may take General Physics 1(PH141) or Advanced Physics 1(PH161).


If your score is under the cut-line :

 - You have to pass College Physics(PH101) before taking the General Physics 1.

   (Add this course in Add/Drop Period)

 - You can take the General Physics 1 course on summer semester after you pass the College Physics.

(If you pass College Physics via bridge program during vacation, you can take General Physics 1 in the following semester.)


Please call me if you have any questions. (010-2495-5901,

TA Yong-Jin Kim.